The quality of being clever, original, and inventive

Ingenuity Charter School is a community-oriented Independent Study program dedicated to fostering student centered academic achievement in a unique blended learning environment. We promote emotional and social growth and maintain a safe and secure learning environment for all enrolled students.

Ingenuity Charter School provides a personalized academic plan based on a student’s learning style, academic need, and personal educational goals.  We offer a variety of online course options, small group workshops, hands-on learning experiences, one on one tutoring, post high school planning, and service learning projects to ensure each student has a well-balanced academic program.

Ingenuity Charter School’s academic program draws on the efforts of motivated students, a talented and highly qualified faculty, and the ongoing commitment from the community to empower our students to become Competent, Creative, Collaborative, Critical thinkers who effectively communicate and are prepared to contribute to society.