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Course Offerings

English Language Arts

 California Common Core ELA 6

 California Common Core ELA 7

 California Common Core ELA 8

 California Common Core ELA 9 a-g

 California Common Core ELA 10 a-g

 California Common Core ELA 11 a-g

 California Common Core ELA 12 a-g

 Expository Reading and Writing a-g

Social Studies

 MS World History and Geography:

 Ancient Civilizations

 MS World History and Geography:

 Medieval and Early Modern Times

 MS United States History and Geography

 Government* a-g

 U.S. History and Geography a-g

 World History, Culture, and Geography a-g


 Middle School Life Science

 Middle School Physical Science

 Middle School Earth Science

 Biology a-g

 Chemistry a-g

 Earth and Space Science

Languages Other Than English

Middle School

  Spanish 1

High School

  Spanish I a-g

  Spanish II a-g

  Spanish III a-g

  French I a-g

  French II a-g

  French III a-g


 California Common Core Math 6

 California Common Core Math 7

 California Common Core Math 8

 California Common Core Pre-Algebra

 California Common Core Algebra I a-g

 California Common Core Geometry a-g

 California Common Core Algebra II a-g

 California Common Core Pre-Calculus a-g

 California Common Core Integrated Math  I a-g

 California Common Core Integrated Math II a-g

 California Common Core Integrated Math III a-g

Fine Arts

Photography A a-g*

Photography B a-g*

Visual Arts A a-g*

Visual Arts B a-g*

* 1 semester course credit

General Electives

 Economics* a-g

 Career Explorations*

 Career Planning and Development*

 Digital Arts I*

 Digital Arts II*

 3D Art I*

 3D Art II*

 Computer Science A*

 Computer Science B*

 Game Design*

 Introduction to Information Technology*

 Introduction to Entrepreneurship* 

 Online Learning & Digital Citizenship*

 Personal Finance*

 Physical Education*

 Study Skills 9*

 Study Skills 10*

 Study Skills 11*


 Middle School

  Study Skills 6* 

  Study Skills 7*

  Study Skills 8*

National Test Preparation


California Test Preparation

Most courses are available for 1 semester credit,  full year course credit or credit recovery