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Academic Policies


Attendance Policy

During orientation, students will receive a schedule for on campus appointments from their teacher. Students are required to be on campus for school appointments for a minimum of two days per week, three hours each day. The other three days of the week students are required to log in online and complete a minimum of five hours of school work per day. School schedules will vary based on student needs and can be adjusted by reaching out to the teacher for approval.


Grading System

Academic and citizenship grades are based on Ingenuity’s policies and Master Agreement requirements.


Academic Grading System

Citizenship Grading System







69% or less



Excellent Good Satisfactory

Needs Improvement



Grade Point Average

Ingenuity students must maintain a cumulative weighted grade-point average (WGPA) of 2.0 or higher, computed on the basis of A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0. The WGPA for graduation is computed from courses completed in grades 9-12 and is required for all diploma options.


Academic Integrity

Ingenuity maintains high academic standards for all students. Academic integrity means the use of individual work in the writing of papers, taking of tests, and other classroom assignments and activities. Students must complete all assignments on their own or acknowledge and cite source material in their papers or assignments. Students will receive a 0 on the assignment if academic misconduct occurs.

Diploma Requirements


University-Bound Students

This path is for students who plan to attend a four-year college or university (such as San Diego State University, or UCSD) after finishing high school. Some of the courses required for this diploma will vary based on which school the student plans to attend. If your child is interested in attending a university, please inform your child’s teacher of these plans.


 University Bound

Community College and Career Bound Students

This is a regular high school diploma that fulfills the requirements set forth by The O’Farrell Charter Schools, which includes Ingenuity Charter School. The coursework required for this diploma enables a student to attend a community college, vocational school, or to gain full time employment.


 Community College and Career Bound

California Requirement Fulfillment High School Diploma (Option 2)

This diploma fulfills the minimum requirement for a high school diploma in California. It is considered an adult diploma, therefore, a student must be 18 years of age to earn it.


Option 2